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This is a quick question for all of you writing jsps in production. Do you use jsp standard actions and why? What are maybe some of common use cases?

I ask because there are so many taglibs out there that seem to be so much more capable and I am not sure if considering standard actions for any task is worth is anymore.


Edit: By standard actions I mean the fol:












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Should we assume you mean JSTL when you say standard actions? – Powerlord Mar 17 '11 at 20:58

Still using jsp:include, but not often. Not used the rest at all since adopting EL, JSTL and Tiles.

With Tiles, we don't need to use jsp:include, but there's no reason to use tiles:insert just for the sake of it, I tend to only use tiles:insert when referencing definitions.

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Only the <jsp:include> (and <jsp:param> as child) is useful. The remnant is ultimately useless when using a proper MVC design or framework. Maybe the <jsp:plugin> is useful for applets, but since some years there exist an applet deployer JavaScript file which makes it superfluous.

Some JSP purists may opt that <jsp:useBean> is also useful in order to trigger IDE autocompletion of bean properties in EL. But it is not required per se when using the MVC approach.

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