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I am creating a grails webapp, and have the main index gsp, and there are several common components that will be common across most of the pages on the site that I am using partial templates for.

Each partial template will be quite isolated and contain very different information, so each one should be getting info from different controllers.

What I want is on page loading, for each partial template to make a call to a controller to load the required content - Im hoping there is some tag I can easily place in my partial templates specifying a controller/action that will automatically call the controllers on load.

Is this possible?


Also, one of the partial templates' controllers will be pulling back information from a web service that can take some time, so it would be good if i could also load these templates asynchronously..


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That's what the <g:include> Tag is for. It's very useful by itself but even more if combined with the springcache plugin and using page fragment caching. Since the include calls a regular action in a controller you can also consume it by an ajax call.

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Thanks Stefan! that looks like just what I need, however, I have included <g:include controller="web" action="getNews" /> in my partial templates .GSP and the controller method does not seem to be getting called - is there anything else I need to do? – rhinds Mar 17 '11 at 22:08
Also, any chance you can point me to an ajax example using the include tag? Thanks again! – rhinds Mar 17 '11 at 22:09
Depends on your usecase: if you want to call an action that is intended to be included by some other action also via an ajax call, you should use If the result of an ajax call should include some other action, g:include should be used in the gsp infoked by the ajax call. – Stefan Armbruster Mar 19 '11 at 19:44

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