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I hope I'm not doing something silly here but I'm sure I understand this alright. Here's my code:

<body class="someClass">Hi</body>


For some reason it just doesn't work for some reason, what am I doing wrong?

I've put a jsfiddle of it here

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Body needs to be a string and you probably want the code to execute when the document is ready.

   if ($('body').hasClass('someClass')) {
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My bad. I've been coding for 12 hours straight and had a if statement for window directly above it. Window doesnt get stringed, so it was throwing me off. – RGBK Mar 18 '11 at 8:46

You were missing the string delimiters, jQuery was looking for a variable named 'body', not the body element. Use:


JS Fiddle demo.

Also, incidentally, in your original demo you were using MooTools, not jQuery (check the drop-down on the left hand side to load the right library).

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