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Is there a way to delay the drawing of a WindowsFormsHost? It's hosted in WPF.

It hosts a COM object which is an ESRI ArcEngine AxTocControl. Visually it looks like a table of contents tab.

I'm removing a number of objects from the table of contents and adding a different objects in a single function.

When I remove an object, the TOC control blinks and removes and object, then I add an object, and it blinks and adds an object. Since I am adding and removing 20 objects, its blinking 20 times. I would like to delay the drawing -- do all my operations -- and then resume drawing -- hopefully i will only have 1 or two blinks / flashes.

So to summarize, is there a function or technique (I don't care how hacky it is) to delay the drawing of a WindowsFormHost - let some things execute - and then resume drawing?

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Well, you can create your own WindowsFormsHost subclass for this specific scenario and override WndProc. From there, you can decide to silently ignore (by not calling base.WndProc) all drawing-related messages as long as a "suppress updates" condition holds.

The condition you can implement any way you like, e.g. set up a public PausePainting() / ResumePainting() method in your class that sets a boolean field.

You will also have to remember to repaint when e.g. ResumePainting() is called, because you don't want your control to never update.

In the end it's not going to be as simple as A-B-C, but the concept is sound so it should work out.

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You can use Thread.Sleep(0) to introduce a delay.

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You could try processing everything, adding them one by one to a list, then add the whole list at one time.

List<EsriModel> items = new List<EsriModel>();
// Code to populate your items

Could it be that simple? That should prevent your WPF Control from flickering as you add them one by one.

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