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Looking to override to_xml method for everything in my app and having a tough time.

The reason is pretty trivial, I need to get rid of the :indent formatting it does by default. I've heard the arguments that "this is a view" problem, and that I should just override to_xml in my models where I need this.

The problem is that I return this stuff programmatically and having :skip_types set makes my responses incorrect. They're incorrect when you have an empty array, and you end up with: \n Suddenly it's a string value read by the client cotaining \n (<< there's a bunch of whitespace there, too, but stack overflow doesn't seem to like it). I also don't like the idea of having to override the same thing in 30 places.

That said, the fix is really easy, I just can't seem to put it in the right place. Just looking for help on where to put this. And a second set of eyes on my fix would be appreciated, too.

My fix is

alias __old_to_xml to_xml
def to_xml(options = {})
  options.merge!(:indent => 0)
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I generally agree with the apprehension others have about the approach, but I think you could monkey patch it by adding a file to config/initializers with the following:

module ActiveRecord::Serialization
  alias __old_to_xml to_xml
  def to_xml(opts={})
    __old_to_xml opts.merge(:indent => 0)

If you're on Rails 3, I believe you'll want ActiveModel::Serializers::Xml instead of ActiveRecord::Serialization, but no guarantees.

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Thank you very much. I'll give it a try in a few minutes here. So, tangent, but I don't get the apprehension with the approach other than I'm setting up for a bad rails upgrade at some point. There's a display decision being made in the class -- they've decided that the default display is :indent = 2. Is the consensus really that I should either have :indent => 0 (or some other display logic) either in 40 odd return controllers or 15 odd models' to_xml methods. Is there another approach I'm missing to prevent the to_xml methods from including '\n' characters that's better? – John Hinnegan Mar 18 '11 at 1:36

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