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I have a table (#tbLog) and need to select all table rows (tr) that contain a class called private.


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This way?

$("table#tbLog tr.private")
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$("#tbLog").children("tr .private")

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Simple enough:

$("#tbLog tr.private").action();

If you have sub tables (why?), then use this instead to only select the top level trs

$("#tbLog > tbody > tr.private").action();

Note that I've included tbody in the selector as nearly all browsers will add this tag for you (it's part of the spec).

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This how it's done:

$('#tbLog tr.private')
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$('#tbLog tr.private')

That should work...

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Try this code:


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I like closest. if private is a class of element inside row

$("table#tbLog .private").closest('tr')
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I think parent will work best assuming you want it to contain not be .private you can do

$("#tbLog tr .private").parent("tr")

this will give you an array of tr's if there is more than one satisfying the condition hope this helps

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