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Here is my code:

$('.adsize_click').click(function () {

I have a bunch of spans like this:

<span class="adsize"><input type="checkbox" name="size" value="1" id="size1" class="adsize_click"><label for="size1" class="adsize_click2">Leaderboard</label></span>

I want it so when you click on either the <input> or <label>, the HTML of the <label> (in this case, "Leaderboard") would be appended to a <div> below.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, any ideas?

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Change closet to siblings in the append line:

$('.adsize_click').click(function () {
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Works beautifully. Thank you. –  dallen Mar 18 '11 at 2:52

Have you tried looking for the class associated with the label, like so?


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closest returns the first ancestor that matches the selector. The label isn't an ancestor of the input.

You are probably looking for:

jQuery('.adsize').click(function () { 
    jQuery('.ads_selected').append(jQuery('label', this).html());
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