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I need to determine intersection of all cells in array cell. I use a command like this:

temp(j-1)={6 7 8 9 10};
temp(j)= {8 9 10};

inter =  cellfun(@intersect,temp(j-1),temp(j),'UniformOutput', false)  ;  

In the output I get:


What should I do to get {8 9 10}?

I have to use inter as a vector of indexes in another matrix.

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The only way I can see that you would get something like inter={0189} is if, in fact, you are actually getting inter=' 0189' because your cells contain strings. If this is so, you can instead do the intersection like this:

>> temp = {'6 7 8 9 10' '8 9 10'}

temp = 

    '6 7 8 9 10'    '8 9 10'

>> inter = intersect(str2num(temp{1}), str2num(temp{2}))

inter =

     8     9    10

I have to ask though, why not store your data in numerical vectors instead of strings?

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Hi, thanks for answer! I had a problem with function unique(), so I tried to deal with this by converting num to str... it worked so it seemed to be ok... but of course you're right. I try to learn matlab actually, so thank you very much for your help. – user664664 Mar 18 '11 at 9:48

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