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What is difference between these two regarding implementation inside STL. what is the difference regarding performance? I guess when it is read only, we prefer const_iterator. right?

Thank you.

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There is no performance difference.

The const_iterator returns a reference to a constant value (const T&) and prevents modification of the referenced value: it enforces const-correctness.

When you have a const reference to the container, you can only get a const_iterator.

Edited: I mentionned “The const_iterator returns constant pointers” which is not accurate, thanks to Brandon for pointing it out.

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Correct, except (const T*) is not a constant pointer, it is a pointer to const. –  Brandon Apr 23 at 21:03
There may be performance difference. Const iterator is a hint to the compiler so that it can assume the underlying object will not be changed through iterator manipulation. Compiler can use such hint to do more specific optimization. –  WiSaGaN Apr 24 at 6:56
@WiSaGaN: I do not think it is true. The underlying object could very well change by some other way and I do not think the compiler is allowed to assume that the underlying object does not change (gotw.ca/gotw/081.htm). –  ysdx Apr 24 at 7:07
Hmm, interesting article. –  WiSaGaN Apr 24 at 7:10
+1 for const-correctness article –  Frederik.L May 22 at 9:48

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