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I have two buttons, one for upvoting and one for downvoting:

<%= button_to "+1", { :action => "create", :id => }, :remote => true %>

<%= button_to "-1", { :action => "create", :id => }, :remote => true %>

They both go to the create method, but I want one to set a video_votes table column named 'value' equal to 1 while the other one sets it equal to -1. Where should I do this?

Also, since I'm using AJAX with a create.js.erb file, do I need to do something like respond_to format do format.js in the create controller method?

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You could pass an aditional paramater signifying what type of vote it is.

<%= button_to "+1", { :action => "create", :id =>, :type => "up" }, :remote => true %>

<%= button_to "-1", { :action => "create", :id =>, :type => "down" }, :remote => true %>

And in your def create:

def create

  if params[:type] == "up"
    #do this
    # do that


Also you will have to render the create.erb.js file.

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Ahh that makes things easy. Two questions: 1. What do you mean by "render" create.js.erb? 2. How did you know that :type is a key in the params hash? – Justin Meltzer Mar 18 '11 at 1:58
It wasn't specific to just type, you could of named it :typeabcfoobar, it didn't matter. And when I say render create.js.erb, I meant what you stated: respond_to – Mike Lewis Mar 18 '11 at 2:00

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