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preg_match_all('/<p class="row">(.+?)<\/span>(.+?)- <a href="(.+?)">(.+?)<\/a>(.+?)<font size="-1"> \((.+?)\)<\/font>(.+?)<\/p>/is', $HTML, $matches);

I have the following regex, the problem is that only sometimes does the section actually show up. The regex I have requires the font to be there, how can I make it optional?

Not only mkae it optional, but pull a value if it exists

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This is working for me:

(?:<font size="-1">(.+?)<\/font>)?

Further example:

% perl -e '$x = "ab<font size=\"-1\">foo</font>"; print "$1 $2" if $x =~ /(ab)(?:<font size="-1">(.+?)<\/font>)?/'
ab foo

% perl -e '$x = "ab<font size=\"-1\">foo</fontXXXXXXX>"; print "$1 $2" if $x =~ /(ab)(?:<font size="-1">(.+?)<\/font>)?/'
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I don't want it to be non-capturing. I want it to get what's in the font tag when it's available, but if the font tag doesn't exist that's ok. I tried '/<p class="row">(.+?)<\/span>(.+?)- <a href="(.+?)">(.+?)<\/a>(<font size="-1"> \((.+?)\)<\/font>)?(.+?)<\/p>/is' and it doesn't pull what's between the font tags. – Webnet Mar 18 '11 at 2:23
See my revised answer. Your regex is working for me. – Aaron Fi Mar 18 '11 at 8:54
Perhaps your regex is failing to match on the space and the ( and ) within your font tag. i.e. try relaxing your matching group to just be whatever's inside the font tag, and see if that yields a match. – Aaron Fi Mar 18 '11 at 8:55
Please can you explain ? – Sébastien Garcia-Roméo Jun 13 at 18:13

You can make font optional like:

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I need to make it optional, and pull the value between those tags – Webnet Mar 18 '11 at 1:52

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