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trying to have an item in a DropDownList selected by default from within my viewmodel.

I am creating the select list in my view model using teh following overload..

public SelectList ProgramsSelectList() 
        var ddlist = new SelectList(DiversionPrograms, "DiversionProgramID", "CrimeName", new {value = "1"});
        return ddlist;

value = 1 is just hard coded for now. I am not sure the Html.DropDownList() respects this selected item.

Razor View:

 @Html.DropDownList("programSelect", Model.ProgramsSelectList(), "Choose a Program to Manage")

I must be missing something here...

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Figured it out...

var ddlist = new SelectList(DiversionPrograms, "DiversionProgramID", "CrimeName", DiversionProgram.DiversionProgramID);
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