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Fedor is my private git server, which houses a bare --init'd repo.git file.

Vadim is my production server, which houses a regular repo.

I need Vadim to only pull from Fedor. There is no "staging" or middle man. Developers will push to Fedor always, and I want Fedor to automatically, upon being pushed, hook up Vadim with the latest repo.git.

At this point, what I've done on Fedor is:

mkdir myrepo.git
cd !$
git --bare init

Then, locally I added Fedor as a remote origin and pushed to him. I setup a git repo on Vadim in /var/www/html/foo/ and I added Fedor with:

git remote add origin git@FEDOR.com:repo.git

I have only used git pull origin master as this won't be doing any pushes. To reiterate, I want to automate the process so that when devs push to Fedor, some kind of hook is added so after pushing it automatically does a git pull origin master on Vadim.

I'm open to rearranging the way Vadim is setup, as it has a very primitive setup.

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It would be easier to push on Vadim, except you shouldn't push to non-bare repo.

Use a bare repo on Vadim, with a post-receive hook ensuring the working tree is refreshed on any push:

$ cat > hooks/post-receive
GIT_WORK_TREE=/var/www/www.example.org git checkout -f
$ chmod +x hooks/post-receive

That way, you can define a post-update hook on Fedor pushing automatically on the bare repo on Vadim.

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Thanks for responding. So this means that Developer A would push to Fedor ( bare repo ) which pushes to Vadim ( bare repo ) and the post-receive on Vadim updates the work tree on Vadim locally? Is it somewhat counter-intuitive to having two clone bare repos or is it normal? –  meder Mar 18 '11 at 6:25
@meder: Any upstream repo where you need to push to should be a bare repo one, to avoid any synchronization issue between the working tree and its repo. This is the normal setup for any repo with a "centralized" role. –  VonC Mar 18 '11 at 6:30

One approach you can take which doesn't require an extra repository on Vadim is to have the hook on Fedor do a:

git push vadim master:refs/remotes/from-fedor/master

... and then have a post-receive hook on Vadim that:

  1. Exits unless the ref being updated is refs/remotes/from-fedor/master
  2. Exits in error unless git status is clean (i.e. git status --porcelain is empty)
  3. Runs git reset --hard refs/remotes/from-fedor/master

The stage where you check that git status is clean could also be inserted into VonC's suggested answer as well - that's nice because if someone has been naughtily playing with the deployed repository on Vadim, it will won't overwrite any changes that person made.

If it's not clear to you how to write such a hook, let me know in the comments and I'll write and test an example.

While it's quite correct that it's not generally suggested that you push into a bare repository, the git FAQ has an example of the method I've suggested here, where you push directly to a ref that looks like a remote-tracking branch in the remote repository.


In answer to the points you raise in the comments below:

  • Yes, in this setup there's just a bare repository on Fedor and a non-bare repository on Vadim.

  • In the repository on Fedor, you would add a "remote" that points to the URL of the repository on Vadim. In the example above I assumed that you'd called this vadim (i.e. in lower case) and you would add that with something like: git remote add vadim ssh://vadim.whereever/respository/

  • The hook that you set up on Fedor should be a post-receive hook that might look something like:

    while read oldrev newrev refname
        if [ x"$refname" = xrefs/heads/master ]
            git push vadim master:refs/remotes/from-fedor/master

    ... and make sure you remember to make that executable.

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I admit I'm actually confused. So Fedor stays as a bare repo, and Vadim stays as a non-bare repo? Also, what type of hook would I add to Fedor? And how do I reference vadim from Fedor? Thanks for replying. –  meder Mar 19 '11 at 3:16
@meder: I've updated my answer to address those questions –  Mark Longair Mar 19 '11 at 6:51

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