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I am trying to find a WPF 3.0 date picker control. What can you recommend and where is it?

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The WPF Toolkit contains a DatePicker control.

Edit: I forgot to add a link to the DatePicker Walkthrough for info how to use it.

Update: There is no DatePicker control from Microsoft that runs on .Net 3.0. You can either buy a third party DatePicker control, like Telerik's DatePicker for example, or you can go with start with an open source DatePicker implementation and roll your own. Disclaimer: I have not used either of the third party DatePicker controls, so I can't vouch about their quality.

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Make sure to use the January 2009 release of the WPF Toolkit. Previous versions had a memory leak in the date picker – PJ8 Feb 11 '09 at 0:06
Can't use it. Our users are stuck on .Net 3.0. – user38349 Feb 11 '09 at 0:10
You can download the WPF Toolkit source, change the target framework to 3.0, and then recompile. – PJ8 Feb 11 '09 at 0:52
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The book Applications = Code + Markup (Charles Petzold) in Chapter 25 has a datePicker control that the Microsoft team has converted to The control is written for .Net 3.0. Here is a link to the control and source code.

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There's a free date picker control in Kevin's WPF bag-o-tricks at

And in MS WPF toolkit has Franci Penov said.

I've used the bag-o-tricks one in the past, it works but it isn't perfect.

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