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I currently have this as my controller:

public ActionResult Index()
        MembershipUser currentUser = Membership.GetUser();
        Guid UserId = (Guid)currentUser.ProviderUserKey;
        using (var db = new MatchGamingEntities())

            var MyAccount = from m in db.Accounts
                            join n in db.BankTransactions on m.AccountId equals n.AccountId
                            where m.UserId == UserId
                            select new{Accounts = m, BankTransaction = n};

            return View(MyAccount.SingleOrDefault());


Here is my View:

@model MatchGaming.Models.BankStatement
    ViewBag.Title = "Index";

<h2>Bank Statement</h2>
<a href="/Cashier/Withdrawal">Withdrawal</a> | <a href="/Cashier/Deposit">Deposit</a><br /><br />
        Balance: @Model.Balance

Here is the BankStatement Model

public class BankStatement
    public decimal Balance;


Currently my table "BankTransactions" could have multiple records in there with the same Account Id, so when I run this querry I get a more than one bank transaction related to a given accountid. I want to be able to print this into a view, but I am not sure how my var MyAccount is returning given that there are multiple BankTransactions. How would I transfer this model into the view and be able to iterate through all the bank transactions associated with an AccountId

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The model in your control and in your view dose not match.

you need assign value to your model BankStatement first, than return it to your view.

some thing like

BankStatement statement = new BankStatement();
//boxing value to statement
return View(statement);
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