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Are there any good image, photo browser or carousel controls for Delphi?

I would prefer something free if available.

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It's not free, but TMS Software GUI Motions seems to be quite stunning: TMS Software GUI Motions

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Gui Motions looks great and is easy to use. There are a couple of problems, firstly it requires reasonable graphics grunt, on a low end laptop with a poor graphics card it is slow and jerky. Also I have found it a little unreliable, it's a little hit and miss whether it will work on a customers laptop. Generally TMS components are fantastic in my experience. – SamH Sep 25 '10 at 6:55
The last time I tried it it's very slow! – Edwin Yip Sep 29 '13 at 4:16

PicShow Components at Delphi Area looks like it will do what you want. I haven't tried it myself, only remembered it.

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A quick google search yields some results that may suit your needs:

Some Planet Source code contributions

Wilsons Image Viewer (Delphi 5 I believe)

although some of the code may be dated, the examples can set you on the right track and give you a place to start.

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Just found a good one. But seems its no longer updated :(


But its exactly what I need and free.

Ok TMS Software GUI Motions it much better. And I think I will buy it but for now this one will do fine …

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GLScene is a little off from what you asked for, though... But if you can use it, everything is nice :-) – Vegar Feb 12 '09 at 15:45

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