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Right say i have a string such as {i|we|my friends} are {just|about} to go {walmart|asda|best buy} i would like to be able to randomly choose any of the words within the {} seperated by the | here is what i have so far and it only works for one {} i need it to work for sentences with multiple {}.

Function UnspinWork(ByVal SpunWords As String) As String
    Dim upperBound As Integer
    Dim Random As New Random()
    Dim ChosenSpunString As String
    SpunWords = Replace(SpunWords, "{" & "}", "")
    upperBound = Split(SpunWords, "|").Count
    ChosenSpunString = Split(SpunWords, "|")(Random.Next(0, upperBound))
    Return ChosenSpunString
End Function


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What's your problem? – Daniel Hilgarth Mar 18 '11 at 9:08
Well this only works for one word if i send a sentance to it with multiple {word1|word2} some text {word1|word2} it will only split out the first {} – user393273 Mar 18 '11 at 9:11
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Use a regex to find all {} parts. Then use the Regex.Replace method, using a MatchEvaluator to be able to specify what is replacement. In this MatchEvaluator, you can add the logic for choosing randomly.

In c# (sorry, not used to VB) you can do :

class SpunWords
    static Random rnd = new Random();
    static void Main()
        var source = "{i|we|my friends} are {just|about} to go {walmart|asda|best buy}";

        var pattern = @"\{(?<values>[^\}]*)\}";

        var result = Regex.Replace(
            (m) => Rand(m.Groups["values"].Value)


    private static string Rand(string value)
        var parts = value.Split('|');
        return parts[rnd.Next(parts.Length)];
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I am simply converting steve b's from c# to (luckily i know c#)

Class SpunWords
    Shared rnd As New Random()
    Private Shared Sub Main()
        Dim source = "{i|we|my friends} are {just|about} to go {walmart|asda|best buy}"

        Dim pattern = "\{(?<values>[^\}]*)\}"

        Dim result = Regex.Replace(source, pattern, Function(m) Rand(m.Groups("values").Value))


    End Sub
    Private Shared Function Rand(value As String) As String
        Dim parts = value.Split("|"C)
        Return parts(rnd.[Next](parts.Length))
    End Function
End Class
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