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I'm new to Xcode and Objective C coding, and I already have a little problem. So I have a mainview with a button. When I press the button a table is showing. (the table is another tableViewController) When I press an item on the table, There should be shown another view (on my main window). I know when you try to add a subview you use it like this:

[self.view addSubview:thisistheController.view];

But when I use the table, the new view is shown in the table and not on my mainview but on my table. like this:

enter image description here

When I try this:

[MainviewController.view addSubview:thisistheController.view];

i don't get any errors, or warnings. but the view isn't shown on my main window. I also tried to use:

[self.parentController.view addSubview:thisistheController.view];

But here I get the same problem.

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[self.view.superview addSubview:thisisthecontroller.view]
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thanks a lot! It worked. –  spreeuwtje Mar 18 '11 at 10:12
Welcome, could you 'accept' this answer in that case.. :) –  Simon Lee Mar 18 '11 at 10:13

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