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When my double value exceed from 7 digits it's show value in scientific notation. But, i don't want scientific notation.

DecimalFormat is one way to do the same but, for that i require to convert value into string. is it possible the same conversion without converting double to string.

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DecimalFormat.format(Object) can handle a double without any String involvement.

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I will check it again that DecimalFormat.format() method's return type is string –  chetan Mar 18 '11 at 10:10
Uhm, the representation in scientific notation is of course always a String because you only need it when displaying the value. The internal calculation does not know anything of notation, and it doesn’t care. –  Bombe Mar 18 '11 at 10:28

If you are displaying it, it is a String.

By using DecimalFormat, you are just telling Java how to do the conversion

Without this, it will use the default scientific notation

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double d = 123456789.4335;
System.out.println(">> "+new DecimalFormat("#0.###").format(d));
System.out.println(">> "+d);


 >> 123456789.434
 >> 1.234567894335E8
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