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JavaScript code:

var ref =dojo.byId("xyz");
var optn = document.createElement("OPTION");

I want dojo equivalent of above code

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i think that would be:

var ref = dojobyId("xyz");
dojo.create("option", { value: "some", innerHTML: "label of option"}, ref);

just read the documentation about the dom functions of dojo, it's simple enough.

Good luck!

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You are already using Dojo (dojo.byId).

Dojo does not replace JavaScript (it augments it). When things are already clear or concise in JavaScript, it doesn't try to provide an alternative to the normal JavaScript way of doing it.

In your example, you may try:

dojo.create("option", { text:"txt", value:"val" }, dojo.byId("xyz"));

This creates the <option> tag directly inside the <select> element (which I assume is "xyz"). However, some browsers don't seem to like adding <option> tags directly like this instead of adding it to the options property. If so, you can use the add function of the <select> tag itself:

dojo.byId("xyz").add(dojo.create("option", { text:"txt", value:"val" }));

Notice that other than the call to dojo.create that simpifies creating elements, everything related to adding an option to a <select> is standard JavaScript.

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As innerHTML doesn't work in IE, I did as follows, it worked:

    option = document.createElement('option');
    option.text = 'xyz';
    option.value = 'val';

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dijit.byId('mySelect').addOption({ label: 'text' , value: 'val' });

Worked for me in Dojo 1.6

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Thanks for putting in the code block... new to this – Pwnerade Nov 26 '12 at 16:01

Two options:

Option 1:

var ref = dojo.byId("xyz");
dojo.create("option", { 
    value: "val", 
    "label of option"
    }, ref);

Option 2:


dojo.ready(function() {
    new dijit.form.Select({
        name: 'myName',
        options: [{{
            label: 'xyz',
            value: 'val',
            selected: true
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