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I used a JEditorPane with HTMLEditorKit to showing HTML text with ability to wrap text.
The problem is when I set it's content using .setText method it automatically scrolls to the end of that text.
How can I disable this?


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You can try this trick to save the cursor position before the setText() and then restore it once you've added your text to the component:

int caretPosition = yourComponent.getCaretPosition();
yourComponent.setText(" your long text  ");
yourComponent.setCaretPosition(Math.min(caretPosition, text.length()));
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yourComponent.setCaretPosition(Math.min(caretPosition, text.length())); would be better to prevent IllegalArgumentException if the new text is shorter than the previous. To scroll to the first line: yourComponent.setCaretPosition(0) which would actually be easier than my answer :) (+1). –  Thomas Mar 18 '11 at 11:20
@Thomas You're right, thank you. –  javanna Mar 18 '11 at 12:21

Try this after setText:

Rectangle r = modelToView(0); //scroll to position 0, i.e. top
if (r != null) {
  Rectangle vis = getVisibleRect(); //to get the actual height
  r.height = vis.height;
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Try this:

final DefaultCaret caret = (DefaultCaret) yourEditorPane.getCaret();
//!!!!text must be set AFTER update policy has been set!!!!!
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