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I'm setting up a system with WMDRM and would like to have two servers for redundancy. I will put a load balancer in front of them and have them both handle requests.

I cannot figure out how/where the issues licenses are stored on the license server.

It's pretty easy to give the servers the same signing key (it's in HKLM/Software/Windows/WM Rights Manager

Maybe there even is no need to sync keys between the servers - as long as they encrypt content using the same key, they can both issues licenses for the content with a client requests a license?

So, my questions are: - Is something stored on the license server for each content item? - Can I access that stored thing and transfer to another server? - Is it needed at all?

Sorry for the vague questions - but that is a one-to-one reflection of the documentation :)

Thank you!

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Try asking this on serverfault.com –  Johann Blais Mar 18 '11 at 10:59

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If you have the content seed on the same machine and the same code to generate a license, then you should be all set. There is no other data that is required to be replicated.

There is a license server private key I believe stored in the registry (installed when you enroll the license server on http://licenseserver.windowsmedia.com) but there is no reason why these need to be in sync.

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