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I'm using Facebook to login people into my website. Now, does this mean I will need a separate Facebook application for each domain name? And if I also have a dev and test server .. i need separate applications for them also?! (EEKS!)



  • localhost.www.mysite.com
  • dev.www.mysite.com
  • www.mysite.com
  • www.mysite.com.au
  • www.mysite.co.uk

.. etc..

cheers :)


Someone tried asking the same thing in the Facebook forums .. but got no answer :(

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Facebook just added support for multiple domains according to their latest blog post.

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Awesome news!!!! I just checked that blog post and you're right! Cheers! – Pure.Krome Oct 1 '11 at 3:35

When you are coding Facebook application, or implementing Facebook API in your application, Facebook identifies your application only by your App ID, and your APP secret.

So if you use the same App ID and App Secret I think that Facebook will not have problem with your different domains.

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Sure about that? I'm getting authentication errors when i'm trying to log in any user ... because (all but one Facebook) SiteId's are different to the url i'm testing under. – Pure.Krome Mar 18 '11 at 12:13
Well I haven't try this yet, but if you are using this application only for facebook login then Facebook is not the problem, your problem will be reading the cookie which is set for the domain you are logging from another domain. If you can do this please do tell how :) In other hand I found post on facebook forum where some administrator is suggesting to use multiple applications for multiple domains. forum.developers.facebook.net/viewtopic.php?pid=320160 – Pece Mar 18 '11 at 14:40
I don't understand what the cookie problem is? If an existing user connects to my site from domain #2, then need to log in again. simple. But maybe check out cross-domain-cookies (eg. stackoverflow.com/questions/554436/…) – Pure.Krome Mar 18 '11 at 15:01
Yes I've found that solution but I don't like it, because it has few redirection, but it seems it's the only one. I've found this answer which is the same see if it helps: stackoverflow.com/questions/3369823/… – Pece Mar 18 '11 at 16:09

No you can use same with all domains but it is recommended that u use different for localhost as u need to test

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Ok -- so how do i have the same application for my live/production domains? – Pure.Krome Mar 18 '11 at 11:23
u need to put it on single module like single turn n use it, make service for authebtication – Nirmal- thInk beYond Mar 18 '11 at 16:39
thanks for the comment .. but I have no idea what you mean. blush Can you please elaborate? – Pure.Krome Mar 20 '11 at 1:19

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