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Can anyone help me write a regex to filter the name between parenthesis in a string like this: Aardal, Prof.dr.ir. K.I. (Karen)

I tried

preg_match('~[^/]([^/])~', $fullname, $matches);

But the return is

  0 => string 'Aa' (length=2)
  1 => string 'a' (length=1)

Thanks guys!

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  1. you can skip any character besides the '('
  2. then match '(' and any character besides ')'
  3. then match ')'
  4. between '(' and ')' is now the capture-group "name"



Tested with the tool Expresso. This regex matches two groups:

  1. The whole string: "Aardal, Prof.dr.ir. K.I. (Karen)"
  2. The named group 'name': "Karen"


  • (?<name>...) is the named group
  • To match the '(' etc we have to escape it with a slash.
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Some standard string functions would do it too:

function extractName($subject)
    $openIndex = strpos($subject, '(');
    if ($openIndex !== false)
        $closeIndex = strpos(substr($subject, $openIndex + 1), ')');
        if ($closeIndex !== false)
            return substr($subject, $openIndex + 1, $closeIndex);
        return '';

echo extractName('Aardal, Prof.dr.ir. K.I. (Karen)');
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Try Following One


Then Capture First Group Value, Which will match following:

Aardal, Prof.dr.ir. K.I. (Karen)

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