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I have this script with for some reason always return -1.


use strict;
use warnings;

use Test::More tests => 4;

is(scrub(''), '-1');
is(scrub('~'), '-1');
is(scrub('undef'), '-1');
is(scrub('a'), 'a');

sub scrub {
    my $a = shift;

    if ($a =~ m/~|undef|/) {
        return -1;

    return $a;

What I wanted is that it only returned -1 when ~ or perl's undef or empty string `` is given as argument.

Can anyone see what's wrong?

Update: based on the replies, this seams to be the right way.

sub scrub {
    my $a = shift;

    return ($a =~ m/^(~|undef|^$)$/) ? -1 : $a;
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/undef/ checks for the string "u","n","d","e","f" and not for an undefined value. The test should be is(script(undef), -1); –  ikegami Mar 18 '11 at 18:32

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A regular expression is not the Right Tool for this job. You use the eq operator to test string equality, you used the defined() operator to test for undef.

if ($a eq '' or $a eq '~' or not defined $a) {
    return -1;

BTW, there is a 4th value of $a that will return -1 here, namely when $a is already -1.

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