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I have an applescript which writes a log file. It works perfectly if launched from the terminal, but i need to launch it from a php script. For achieving this I use the exec function of php but nothing happens.

The applescript is owned by the user "administrator" If from php's exec i launch "whoami" I get back "administrator" so I guess it's not a problem of permission.(the applescript has also execution permission on it)

The applescript works both in this ways:

administrator$ ./myApplescript.app

administrator$ osascript myApplescript.app

If I try to run the very same commands inside php nothing happens.

Someone faced something similar? Thanks in advance! Best regards

P.S. The webserver is MAMP on mac Os x

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Have you tried

    exec('osascript path/to/script/myApplescript.app');

make sure that the path you call is actually correct and that the webserver has access to this file.

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Make sure a user is logged in on the Mac you're running the php from too or else it won't work properly.

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