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Is there an inbuilt PHP function to replace multiple values inside a string with an array that dictates exactly what is replaced with what?

For example:

$searchreplace_array = Array('blah' => 'bleh', 'blarh' => 'blerh');
$string = 'blah blarh bleh bleh blarh';

And the resulting would be: 'bleh blerh bleh bleh blerh'.

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That sample text is awfully trick to follow. – ændrük Mar 1 '13 at 3:22
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You are looking for str_replace().

$string = 'blah blarh bleh bleh blarh';
$result = str_replace(
  array('blah', 'blarh'), 
  array('bleh', 'blerh'), 

// Additional tip:

And if you are stuck with an associative array like in your example, you can split it up like that:

$searchReplaceArray = array(
  'blah' => 'bleh', 
  'blarh' => 'blerh'
$result = str_replace(
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$string = 'blah blarh bleh bleh blarh';
$trans = array("blah" => "blerh", "bleh" => "blerh");
$result = strtr($string,$trans);

You can check the manual for detailed explanation.

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Thanks, Its working for me. – Hardik Oct 7 '13 at 7:52
I used the same one for array replace :) by converting array and replacing it :) – Shan Mar 17 '15 at 1:25

str_replace() does that.

You can check the manual for more detailed explanation.

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For what you've got there, just pass that array into str_replace as both the search and replace (using array_keys on the search parameter if you want to keep the array as-is).

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