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Is it possible to have multiple pagers on a single page using the jQuery cycle plugin?

I need it to use the following html as its dynamic content so cannot just set them up individually unfortunately :(

This current set up just prints both navs for each slideshow unfortunately...

      <div class="studio-slide">

      <ul id="fac">
      <li>image here</li>
              <li>image here</li>
              <li>image here</li>


  <ul class="slideshow-nav">
     <li><span id="prev"><a class="arrow" href="#">&lt;</a> </span></li>
     <li><span class="nav"></span></li>
     <li><span id="next"><a class="arrow" href="#">&gt;</a></span> </li>


$('.studio-slide ul').cycle({
    fx:      'fade',
    speed:  200,
    timeout:  0,
    prev:    '#prev',
    next:    '#next',
    pager:   '.nav',
    pagerAnchorBuilder: pagerFactory

function pagerFactory(idx, slide) {
    var s = idx > 2 ? ' style="display:none"' : '';
    return '<a href="#">'+(idx+1)+'</a>';


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What do you mean "pagers" ? Also, link to the plugin you're using, and be more specific about what you attempted and what you couldn't do. –  Incognito Mar 18 '11 at 13:18
This it the plugin malsup.com/jquery/cycle/int2.html I mean pagers as in a list of numbers to navigate through the images. Currently each slideshow has a pager that is including other slideshow navigation in it. So the pager(nav) of gallery 1 is showing its own pages as well as the pages of gallery 2 and vise versa. –  Jezthomp Mar 18 '11 at 14:18
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