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Guys, I Started playing with django-nonrel, and am trying to run my old django app on it. My app was done on django 1.2.1 & python 2.6.

When i fire up the local server, there are a couple of warnings but the server starts well.

But when i try to run the main page from the browser, django throws the following error

ImportError at /bytex
No module named bytexpro.bytex.models
Request Method: GET
Request URL:
Django Version: 1.3 beta 1
Exception Type: ImportError
Exception Value:    
No module named  bytexpro.bytex.models
Exception Location: E:\home\web\bytex\bytexpro\bytex\ in <module>, line 1
Python Executable:  C:\python26\python.exe

My looks like this

from bytexpro.bytex.models import ItemGroup
from bytexpro.bytex.models import Item
from bytexpro.bytex.models import Supplier

Anything i i have forgotten to include?


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have you tried from bytex.models import ItemGroup etc. – DTing Mar 18 '11 at 12:07
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from bytex.models import ....
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