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I have developed a NPAPI plugin(npruntime) for windows browsers like firefox, safari, Google chrome. My question is how one can read the values specified in the tag of the element in a plugin.

Is there any way to access these values in a plugin.? I searched a lot for this and unfortunately didn't get any help. We can read the tag attributes likes "type", "width" etc in NPP_New function.

Thanks in advance.

regards, Sanjay

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You get the tags in the NPP_New function as well; they're all in the same place. Are you familiar with FireBreath? It abstracts all of this for you and works on IE as well.

You can find the code that FireBreath uses to pull the params out here: https://github.com/firebreath/FireBreath/blob/master/src/NpapiCore/NpapiPlugin.cpp#L76

(that function is called from NPP_New)

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