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ActiveRecord query caching is enabled when a controller's action is invoked. I also know that you can do something like this to temporarily enable caching for a given Model for a given code block:

User.cache do  

But is there a way to enable query caching for other contexts (e.g. when a script is run under the rails environment using ./script/runner)?

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An ActiveRecord query cache lives only for the duration of a particular action (i.e. request). If you want a cached object to survive longer or be used between processes you need to look at something like memcached.

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This plugin will persist the query cache using memcached.

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A simple solution is to wrap the code given to script/runner in a block, directly on the commandline:

script/runner "User.cache { ... }"

Notice the caching is not simply for the User model, but for all queries performed within the codeblock.

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