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I have a TCP server using boost asio. I have accepted a socket connection. How to get IP, Port of machine my server is communicating with?

BTW: Is it possible to get info on what ip that connected server user sees my server4 machine?

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You can get the IP and port like this:

std::string sClientIp = socket().remote_endpoint().address().to_string();
unsigned short uiClientPort = socket().remote_endpoint().port();
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still if you get Bad File Descriptor error in remote_endpoint you can refer to below link.


"Accept a new connection and obtain the endpoint of the peer." part will be helpful to you.

You can use as below

tcp::acceptor::endpoint_type end_type;
acceptor.accept(*stream.rdbuf(), end_type);
std::string sClientIp = end_type.address().to_string();
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i don't have experience in it, but it looks like address and port member functions should do the trick

(edit for latest Boost version)

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Boost 1.39 is ancient, I've updated your link. –  Sam Miller Mar 18 '11 at 16:00

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