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We have some legacy applications that use an ODBC driver for accessing their databases.

I'm looking for an ODBC driver that would be able to map its own calls to a JDBC driver (ODBC-JDBC bridge).

Eventually, I'm interested with some documentation and/or pointers for writing this kind of bridge.

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So far I have found only a few paid solutions :

  1. Easysoft with their ODBC-JDBC Gateway
    • Install the ODBC driver as any other ODBC driver and then setup it to forward its calls to a JDBC driver of your choice

  2. OpenLink with their Single/Multi Tier ODBC to JDBC Bridge
    • Like the one from EasySoft

  3. Simba with their SimbaEngine ODBC SDK

P.S.: You can see the bridges in 1. and 2. in action here.

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There is a project on sourceforge that looks suitable,

There is also a JDBC-ODBC bridge available from Oracle but I think that is the reverse of what you want.

share|improve this answer seems to be a dead project. Some of the links they provide are broken. – Stephan Mar 21 '11 at 9:34

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