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I want to create a competition where the user has to visit every page on my site.

  • On the top of the site I want to display progress
  • Progress is shown in % "You have explored XX% of my site."
  • When progress is 100% he is redirected to a page I can define
  • My site is small (10 pages)

I'd like to do this in Javascript/JQuery.

Does anyone have an idea how i can best accomplish this? It might be that my site will expand.

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You can use the jquery UI Progressbar

for example if they viewed 75% of the site:

$("#progressbar").progressbar({ value: 75 });


The '75' would come from the server side and be displayed to the user. Dont use JS to decide how much of the page a user has gone thru, do that on the server side.

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Thanks all for the answer! That gave me a nudge in the right direction! –  Oliver Ruehl Mar 18 '11 at 14:13
no problem sir :-D –  Neal Mar 18 '11 at 14:20

Although you can do the UI part using JS/jQuery, do not use client-side storage (eg: cookies).

Instead, use sessions, or some form of server-side storage.

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You would have to store the information about which pages were visited before. Personally I would use a server-side solution for that (session or database) but if you want to do it client-side you would have to use something like cookies or local data storage.

For a client-side solution, you can use a combination of html5 local data storage for browsers that support it and cookies for the rest.

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