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Which API can I use to get notifications about state change of teh phone? For instance I have my application and want to know wheter the user turns off or on the phone from Wireless Manager?


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Like this:

using Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status;

var phoneRadioOffState = new SystemState(SystemProperty.PhoneRadioOff);

phoneRadioOffState.Changed += (sender, e) =>
    var off = Convert.ToBoolean(e.NewValue);

    // Here you can do whatever you'd like when the phone is on or off.

Just remember that the phoneRadioOffState must be in scope/alive for the event handler to be called, so it's usually not a good idea to make it a method-local variable.

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Use the State and Notification Broker to watch the PhoneRadioOff property. An example of setting up the broker can be found here.

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