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find the best combination of maximum value of i & j, but not exceed amount , any ideas?

$amount = 20000; 
$max_area = 1000; 

for ($i=0; $i<=100; $i+=0.1) { 

   for ($j=0; $j<=100; $j+=0.1) { 

       $area = $i*$j; 
       $cost = $i*1200 + ($i+$j*2) * 2500; 

       if($cost > $amount && $area > $max_area) { 
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Maybe ask on math.stackexchange.com to find a formula for this? –  divideandconquer.se Mar 18 '11 at 14:26

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You're probably better off finding a parametrized formula that gives you a measurement of 'efficiency' of any particular i and j, and then use analytic methods to find the absolute maximum, again parametrized. You can do all this on paper. Then translate the resulting formula to PHP.

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Agreed, this looks like something you should bust out the graph paper for. Or Wolfram Alpha, whichever works for you... –  thasc Mar 18 '11 at 14:23
+1 for Wolfram :) –  djechelon Mar 18 '11 at 14:27

You are just trying to implement a constrained optimization problem solver.

If you take the code away for a minute, let's examine it together.

Your model looks like being the following (if you provided background information that could be useful)

cost = 1200*i + 2*(i+j)+2500

area = i*j

to be maximized, constrained to

cost < max_amount (but you typed cost>amount in your if statement)

area > max_area

You should use an analytical method to solve it. Since it's not simple enough to be solved with simplex (because it's not linear), you must go for heuristics

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