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I created a vocabulary and terms under for work-type. and I created some posts...

Then I created a View Block to list my entries, and assigned to a page... everything fine so far.

I display the work-type at entry details page. and I have a link "click to see other non-profit(assigned work type) works". When I click this link, it lists entries assigned to that particular work-type. thats fine, but it displays title/body/readmorelink :/ I need custom view for this page, like I did View Block for listing all posts...

Can I assign custom created View Block to this taxonomy entry list page? the url changes according to work-type, so how do I assign view to changing-url :/

Appreciate helps!! thanks a lot!


I have a vocabulary (work type), and terms under (corporate, non-profit, etc...)

I have a CCK for "work", and as a field I have select terms of work-type vocabulary.

I have a Custom Views Block to display works in a page (thumb, title, desc, link, etc.).

When I click a work, it goes to particular Work entry details page, I place a link in there "click to see other -term (corporate)- works", etc.

When I click this link, it displays the Work Entries under that particular term. it works fine. but it displays as default look (shown as below), but I need this page same as main works page list (thumb, title, desc, link, etc.) I already have a View for this, but how can assign this View to this dynamic url taxonomy page? I found the module http://drupal.org/project/tvi , but cant make it work.

enter image description here

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It should be simpler to overwrite term pages with a view, there's already a pre-configured view for this : taxonomy_term (wich is disabled by default)

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oh thanks! that's a good idea :) but I have more than 1 taxonomy, and all have different fields with different display... how can I assign the taxonomy_term for this particular vocabulary? –  designer-trying-coding Mar 18 '11 at 14:56
Sorry, I don't see what you mean. Update your question to explain your vocabulary structure, it should help. –  soju Mar 18 '11 at 15:54

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