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i am new to zend and i could not find a way to implement Ajax in zend.

In general php, its pretty easy to make an ajax request and show the response in the desired part of our page. But coming to zend, i have no clue how to do it.

Suppose in my index controller's index.phtml file, i have a button, and when i click on it, i have to make an ajax request to a particular controller and action, and load the related controller action's view in my page.

But what i could not understand is how to specify the urls for the ajax request and how the routing works.

Currently, i made ajax request to load the view statically like this:


FYI, i am using regex routing in my application, so would it be better to use curl to route the requests?

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Apart from what the other answers stated, there's also a URL view helper function that can be useful to call a specific action on a controller. So you could just use $this->url(array('controller' => 'your_controller', 'action' => 'your_action'), 'default', true); to get the link to "your_action" action on the "your_controller" controller (using the default route). You could also specify a specific route instead of 'default' if you have one defined.

So for your example you would use something like the following in your view phtml file (if you're using the default routing) :

xmlhttp.open("GET","<?php echo $this->url(array('controller' => 'register', 'action' => 'register'), 'default', true);?>");

For more information refer to Zend Framework - View Helpers.

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First things first, you don't request the view directly. You need to request the specific controller action, eg


Zend comes with a great action helper called AjaxContext. This helper lets you respond with a different view based on the type of request (XmlHttpRequest) and a format parameter, disabling any layouts normally present.

To set it up, place something like this in your controller's init() method

public function init()
    $this->_helper->ajaxContext->addActionContext('register', 'html')

Then, add a view script with the ajax suffix, eg register/register.ajax.phtml.

Construct your AJAX GET request to include the format=html parameter, eg

xmlhttp.open('GET', '/register/register/format/html', true);


xmlhttp.open('GET', '/register/register?format=html', true);

What will be returned is the rendered contents of register.ajax.phtml, without any layouts.

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You should never be requesting the view directly. That's just wrong. Request URI like this:


Which means "I am looking for default module, register controller and register action", or in other words RegisterController::registerAction().

It's the same as:


Which is the same, the default module can be omitted.

Zend Framework knows where to look for the view script (unless you are using some unusual directory structure).

You can just create a blank layout and use it for your ajax controller actions (or what Phil suggested, AjaxContent is probably better for this).

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