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I have one sqlquery which works fine when pasted to sql server explorer, but when hibernate query.list call is made the list gives me zero size list. Below is the code:

Query query = session.createSQLQuery(sqlQuery); List<Object[]> list = query.list();

This was working fine suddenly it started behaving strange.

Thanks, Punam Purohit

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and what's the query? – Robby Pond Mar 18 '11 at 14:26
Try enabling SQL logging and post what you get. – mindas Mar 18 '11 at 22:31

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What was the SQL query? Hopefully it was a SELECT statement. Did you make any changes to the Hibernate config files or mapping files (if you are using Hibernate entities)? We'll need more information.

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@Joshua Witter

SELECT DISTINCT, c_user.contractor_name, c_user.company_id,doc.status, doc.date_submission, div_name, gt.grade_name, dept_name FROM contractor_user_master_ipms c_user, document_metadata dmd, division_master dim, document doc LEFT OUTER JOIN selected_grade_map sgm ON = sgm.doc_id LEFT OUTER JOIN selected_grade_details sgd ON sgm.selected_grade_id = sgd.selected_grade_id LEFT OUTER JOIN code_master cm ON sgd.sub_code_id = cm.code_id LEFT OUTER JOIN department_master dept ON cm.department_id = LEFT OUTER JOIN grade_master gm ON sgd.grade_id = gm.grade_id LEFT OUTER JOIN grade_type gt ON gm.grade_type_id = gt.grade_type_id WHERE AND
dmd.document_metadata_id = doc.md_id AND dmd.division_id = AND sgd.last_grade_id is null AND doc.status != 'Forked' AND doc.status in ('Registration Initiated') AND c_user.reservation_category ='NULL'
i did not make any changes to hibernate config files and same code is excuting successfully on other machine. It is returning Object array list, so i did not need to make any changes to bean files.

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