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I used the following command to add a new column initialized with "100" to the result of SELECT

select id, 100 as newcol from table

How to update newcol values? for example I want to set newcol = 200 where id = 1

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You would have to use a CASE statement, like:

       (CASE WHEN id=1 THEN 200 ELSE 100 END) AS NewCol
FROM Table
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select id, case when id = 1 then 200 else 100 end as newcol from table
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You can't. The column isn't created on the table, it just exists in the resultset.

You can do calculations in it though, or use case statements.

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If you just want select different values based on Id.

 select id, case 
when id = 1  then 100
when Id = 2 then 200 end
 as newcol from table

I have not tested this, but probably this should work.

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You probably should use the proper syntax for the CASE statement, though... –  JNK Mar 18 '11 at 14:42
@JNK, Yes I agree. –  WorkerThread Mar 18 '11 at 14:46
select case "newcol" when id=1 then "newcol" =200
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