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Does anybody know how to query for a primary key of a table in Oracle 11g? I saw a similar question for SQL Server, but I've had no luck from trying the answers on that thread.


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As the user that owns the table you can do:

select constraint_name, status, deferrable, deferred, validated, generated 
from user_constraints 
where constraint_type = 'P' and table_name = 'Table Name'

Update: I think this gets you what you need.

SELECT cols.table_name, cols.column_name, cols.position, cons.status, cons.owner
FROM all_constraints cons, all_cons_columns cols
WHERE cols.table_name = 'Table Name'
AND cons.constraint_type = 'P'
AND cons.constraint_name = cols.constraint_name
AND cons.owner = cols.owner
ORDER BY cols.table_name, cols.position

You can check this site for more details.

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The 2nd code snippet works. Thank you! – web_novice118 Mar 18 '11 at 15:11

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