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I'm working on a project in Silverlight that needs allot of data on the screen at one time. With some of the default silverlight themes I can take the font size down to about 11pt, but still the margins between the lines in a list or a grid box are just too large.

Does anyone know of a good theme for a business app? Something that allows for displaying large amounts of data in as small of a screen space as possible, while yet keeping legibility.

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If you are looking for pre-built themes, i would try out Telerik Silverlight Controls -

You always have the option of writing your own themes and opening blend and editing existing themes.

Also here are some themes:

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The "JetPack" theme is a good base to start from. It's part of the Theme Pack for Silverlight Business.

JetPack is not as bubbly as most themes, so if you switch out some of the colors, I think it could have a clean business look.

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