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I have a table called RATE_HISTORY with a field called RATE.
The RATE field has scale 18.
I am using ResultsetMetaData to get meta-data of columns in this table on Oracle 11.2.
I execute the following query in my code:

select (RATE * 100) from RATE_HISTORY

When I do metadata.getScale(), it returns 0. However, if I execute this query:


getScale returns the correct value (18).
Is there a way to multiply two numbers in oracle and keep the scale?

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Casting the result in the select should also work, the downside is that you have to repeat the scale from the column definition:

select cast(RATE * 100 as number(30, 18)) from RATE_HISTORY
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I suspect this happens because the scale is an artifact of the table column, not the data itself. When you derive a value from the column value, you lose that meta-data.

How about using

select RATE, (RATE * 100) from RATE_HISTORY

You can get the scale from the first column, the calculation from the second.

Or just do the multiplication in java, of course.

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