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shortly how to sync window.top.location and window.location?


EDIT (time to update question, to make it clear)

What is the mechanism that iframe and it's container communicate. Is it done only by browser?

in this example http://myapp.com/myitem?_=1318142649870

is ?_=1318142649870 added by container (apps.facebook.com)

Does this done by javascript locally by iframe container or by ajax to facebook.com

Does this have a considarable overhead?

Additional info

This Q&A is a greate referance for window.location and window.top.location cross domain issue: What exactly can an IFrame do with the top.Location object (cross-domain)?

My experience

Finally from my experience, dont use firebug console to see whay you can with window.location and window.top.location issue, I mean:

console.log(window.top.location); (You have it always working, wrong test)

alert(window.top.location); (Doesn't work, real test)

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This is how you set the parent of the frame (top) to the location of the frame document...

top.location = self.location;

Of course, this code must be executed within the iframe, and is succeptible to the Same-Origin Policy.

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window.top.location is return you to broswer's address bar location even you'r in i-frame or page.. window.location is return location of your current page address in case facecook apps. if you want to top query-string you have to use


if u want to replace top location then

window.top.location = "http://whatever.com";

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