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I am using LibCurlNet on my asp.net project. I post some fields to server with it. I downloaded library and added it to my project as reference. At first I could run my project. But now when I run project, I have an exception:

{System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'libcurl.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
at SeasideResearch.LibCurlNet.External.curl_global_init(Int32 flags) at SeasideResearch.LibCurlNet.Curl.GlobalInit(Int32 flags) in c:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\WebSites\WebProjectUpload\App_Code\Curl.cs:line 47 at Post.Main(String[] args) in c:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\WebSites\WebProjectUpload\App_Code\Post.cs:line 21}

and I have the exception at line "Curl.GlobalInit((int)CURLinitFlag.CURL_GLOBAL_ALL);"

When I try to add reference to my project, in bin folder I found three .dll file but I just add the "LibCurlNet.dll". Can anyone help me?

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Is the DLL in the build output folder? –  mmix Mar 18 '11 at 16:03
I can't see the output folder. –  portable Mar 18 '11 at 16:25

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Can you try placing the dll in your bin folder and adding the reference from there? Alternatively you can place your assembly in the GAC.

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Thank you, it's work. –  portable Mar 20 '11 at 22:30
Can you accept the answer as the correct one then? :) –  Dante Mar 23 '11 at 9:27
@Dante: hey i'm also running into same error, but i have tried adding my dll's in bin folder and referenced it, then also im geting the same error, will you please let me know where would be things gone wrong ?? –  FosterZ Nov 28 '11 at 13:05

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