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I'm new to TFS and have a big problem when I want to make builds in VS2010.

The builds don't run, they are always in Queue status (no error message). It's as if nothing happened. I searched all around the Internet and didn't find a solution to this problem.

The TFS Server is already configured (the Build agent and controller are successfully tested, MsDeploy full installed) and I have a public Drop folder (\MyServer\Drops ==> C://Drops) on my server (configured with a domain account with full rights on the directory).

My goal is to build and deploy my .net MVC project via TFS on the server (win server 2008 r2).

I initially started with this article : http://vishaljoshi.blogspot.com/2010/11/team-build-web-deployment-web-deploy-vs.html

Could someone tell where the problem could come ?

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Ok.. I just created a new Build agent.. with 2 build agents (only one used) my builds run ! (I dont know why..)

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You have to use tags. In case of multiple build agents, you might have one build definition that is CI Build that validates your check-ins, then you can create a build agent on that machine and assign it the tag check-in. Then, you can set up the build definition to run only on a build agent that has the check-in tag. In similar way, you can have another build definition called Nightly Build. You assign it the Nightly tab and then set up the build definition to run only on a build agent that has this tag. –  Jehan33 Mar 19 '11 at 15:25
Same here. I needed 2 agents to run the builds. When using a single build agent I had a "Stop" icon in the TFS Administrator console. After adding a second one the lights are going green. –  barnacleboy Oct 31 '12 at 9:46
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Make sure that Build Controller and Build Agent both are running successfully. Go to Team Menu in Visual Studio and Click on Manage Build Controllers. It will open Manage Build Controller window,checkthat both Controller and Agent shows *Status as Available*. enter image description here

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Actually, my controller and agent where already "Available". As I explained, I just created another agent (not used) and It's OK.. –  Jonathan Millière Mar 19 '11 at 13:19
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See the below code to check Queued Build status.

IQueuedBuild queBuild = buildServer.QueueBuild(request);
Console.WriteLine("Build queued...!");
while (true)
    if (queBuild.Status == QueueStatus.Completed || queBuild.Status == QueueStatus.Canceled)
Console.WriteLine("Build Completed...!");
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