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I'm looking for information how to receive and send SMS using own application. I don't know what devices I should use, what programming language has an appropiate API and so on.

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You might want to look into Twilio. They have services for sending and receiving SMS messages.

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+1 twilio does seem cool –  gideon Mar 18 '11 at 17:04
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Check out SMSLib at http://smslib.org/

SMSLib is a programmer's library for sending and receiving SMS messages via a GSM modem or mobile phone. SMSLib also supports a few bulk SMS operators.

SMSLib is distributed under the terms of the Apache v2 license.

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Take a look at EzTexting API and code samples in C#, PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl, Python. Ask me if you have specific questions, I work for the company so would be able to help you with the integration.

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