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I am trying to make a script whereby cetain links use JQuery load instead

This does not work.

function inload() {
$('#sausage').load(this.attr('href') + ' #sausage');
return false;

I think the problem is with my this.attr('href') but I require some advice.

Any ideas?


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$("a").live("click",function(e){  //.live not .click so the function will also work on the newly loaded content

    e.preventDefault(); //prevent the default action of clicking the link

    var href = $(this).attr("href"); //grab the links href

    $("body").load(href,callback); //load the contents of the href info the body of the page


//added a callback for running after the content has loaded if required
function callback(){
    alert("content loaded");
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Should be



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To get at the href you can simply do this.href this assumes you are actually using an <a/> tag, and this is a Dom Element

function inload() {
  $('#sausage').load(this.href + ' #sausage');
  return false;

Otherwise use $(this).attr('href');

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