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I have the open/close effect happening multiple times here: test site

I need to add a link called "toggle all" below the page title and when clicked, it will open/close every single sponsorship level. How can I do that?

See working code:

<h3 class="trigger">Presenting Sponsor</h3>
<div class="toggle_container"> content inside toggle_container is hidden/shown when trigger class is clicked</div>

    return false;
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$("#toggle_button").click(function() {

Working example:

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Thanks Andrew. Works beautifully. I changed the href="#" to <a href="javascript:;" so it doesn't kick the page to the top, when clicked. – user519642 Mar 18 '11 at 17:34
<a href="#" id="all_toogle">toogle all</a>

    var open = $(this).toogleClass('active').hasClass('active');
        if( open ){
            $(this).addClass("active").next().stop(true, true).slideDown("fast");
        } else {
            $(this).removeClass("active").next().stop(true, true).slideUp("fast");

It takes into account any currently opened or closed sponshorship.

".stop(true, true)" is used to prevent animation "chains" when the toggle is clicked quickly several times.

Also you should use "event.PreventDefault();" instead of "return false;" in your click event functions (you will need to modify the declaration .click(function(event){...).

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var toggle = true;

var toggleAll = function(){

    } else {

    toggle = (!toggle);
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JQuery supports wildcards when doing matching. So you could do something like this:

$("a[name=showAllLink]").click(function() {
   var linkTxt = $("a[name=showAllLink]").html();
   if (linkTxt.indexOf('Show')>=0) {
      linkTxt = linkTxt.replace(/Show/,"Hide");
   else {
      linkTxt = linkTxt.replace(/Hide/,"Show");

Which when the anchor named "showAll" is clicked, will show all of them. The anchor's text will alternate between "Show All" and "Hide All".

<a href="javascript:void(0)" name="showAllLink">Show All</a>
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