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Using VS 2010, I've created a WCF Syndication Service Library, that debugs fine--browser shows the feed I created and everything.

The problem is: I published this service library to IIS 7 on Server 08R2 to an application directory. The publish created a bin directory with the servicelibrary.dll, an .svc file, and a web.config. I can access the service via browser, but I do not get the feed. I just get the "You have created a service. To test this service... etc"

If anyone has any experience with this, I'd really appreciate a heads up. I haven't found much documentation about deploying this for use outside of an application. I was hoping I could just provide URL links to this feed for people to subscribe to without having to have an xml file sitting somewhere.

Am I missing something, or am I expecting too much?

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The, not entirely obvious at the time, answer to this was to add an .svc file to the project whose "Service" attribute points to the namespace declared in the Syndication Service Library.

If anyone runs into a similar problem and requires more of an explanation I'll be glad to go into greater detail.

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